Couple finds $120,000 in Their Account and Here's How They Spent It

A Pennsylvania couple is facing charges for going on a spending spree after a bank accidentally deposited six-figures in their account. A teller at BB&T Bank accidentally deposited 120-thousand-dollars in Robert and Tiffany Williams' bank account on May 31st.

Instead of notifying the bank about the mistake, police say they spent most of the money in just a matter of weeks. Between June 3rd and June 19th they spent all of it! Among their purchases were an SUV, two four-wheelers, a camper and a car trailer.

The bank contacted Tiffany Williams on June 20th, the day after they had spent all the money, to notify her that they needed the money back. She said her husband would have to work out a payment plan. On June 21st the bank left her a voice mail. The bank says they left several more voice mails and sent letters through July and August.

The two were arrested and are facing felony theft charges.

To be fair, the couple also gave a total of 15-thousand dollars to friends in need. Of course, it wasn’t theirs to give and when the bank asked for the money back, it didn’t happen. The duo is now out on bail.

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