Myrtle Beach Jeep Owner Explains How This Happened

Police discovered an abandoned Jeep Grand Cherokee sinking in the sand on Myrtle Beach as Dorian was beginning to hit the Grand Strand. A crowd had watched as the tide continued to rise and waves continued to smash into the Jeep, pulling it closer to the ocean. 

Police ran the plates to find the Jeeps owner. He was shocked to hear where his Jeep was!

The owner called into WMBF TV to explain it to a befuddled nation. His cousin was in town and rides a motorcycle and out of the goodness of his heart, he lent him the Jeep because of how bad the weather was. The cousin thought it would be awesome to drive to the beach and take pictures as the storm hit. .Then the sand started sinking and he couldn't get it moving. 

His next genius move was to not let his cousin know what had happened. Instead he started calling friends to try and help him, but the conditions were too bad for anyone to get the Jeep off the beach. The cousin left the beach and headed home without even telling him what happened until police showed up at his door.

Once the police came to the door, he called his cousin and he confessed to what happened. He watched on TV as a bagpipe player played a funeral durge for his vehicle as it was slowly over taken by the sea

No word on if he's still talking to his cousin.

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