Hate paper straws? Try a noodle straw.

As some companies and people attempt to get rid of plastic straws, paper straws have become a thing. Not necessarily a popular thing, but a thing none the less. It's like a race to finish your drink before your straw dissolves!

Now straw users have several alternatives to choose from, including reusable stainless steel straws and compostable options made from bamboo, or corn-based materials. But some companies are taking straws in a new, edible direction by making them out of pasta.

Both Stroodles and The Amazing Pasta Straw sell straws that are basically bucatini - straight, long tube-shaped uncooked noodles. They’re made in Italy from the same stuff as the pasta you’d eat for dinner, but these straws are a little sturdier than your average macaroni noodle.

Both brands claim the straws are tasteless in a cold drink and Stroodles says theirs will last about an hour before getting soft.

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