Groomer Returned Dog With Green Eyebrows & Pink Ears

Graziella Puleo, of Lake Worth, Florida said she dropped off her dog at Amore’s Pet Salon Dog Grooming Day Care Boarding Spa recently and returned nine hours later to find her Goldendoodle with a totally different appearance and possible infection.

She claims she took her dog,Lola, to get a trim, her nails cut and her teeth cleaned, but instead found Lola had not received any of those things but rather her eyebrows and tail were shaved and colored green, while her ears were colored bright pink. 

The dog's underside was also pink, but apparently from an infection. She reportedly had to take the dog to a veterinarian to get the infection treated. 

The owner of the dog spa,Raquel Adams, returned the $150 grooming fee and offered complimentary services. She added, "We beautify the dog... If we see it’s missing something, we do color, sometimes, the dog," she said. “We did wrong about the color. We should have offered her first."

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