NC community rallies to support restaurant after racist threat

There's been a lot of talk lately about the United States and in particular Southerners and supporters of President Trump being racist. Most of us in that category know that's not true and today we have another example of that.

Siler City (which is most famous as the town Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith show retired to and is now buried in) is smack dab in the middle of North Carolina. This is the center of racism according to people I see talking on TV. A black family decided to open a restaurant there recently and named it A&I’s Chicken Shack. They then received a very ugly letter. It’s full of racial slurs and ends with the threat: “YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT HERE! leave town or we will help you.”

A&I’s Chicken Shack alerted the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and it’s being investigated as a possible hate crime.The newspaper reported on it and the support from the community has been overwhelming. Locals have been flocking to eat there, so many that they wiped the kitchen out of food, forcing them to close for a few days to restock.

In a Facebook post, A&I writes, “We really appreciate all the words of encouragement and a big thanks to the Siler City community, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department and the local chapter of the NAACP. We will have to shut for a few days because so many of you came here to eat that we ran out of food".

Just because a small group of people are racist, or bad, or even evil, the majority are not. And when given a choice, most will choose to help.

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