Retiring FBI agent reunites with boy he saved as a rookie

As FBI agent Troy Sowers celebrated his retirement with coworkers, he was treated to a special surprise. They reunited him with a newborn he saved when he was a rookie back in 1997.

At the time, Sowers was a new special agent assigned to a kidnapping case in Washington state where a woman posing as a doctor took a newborn from a local hospital. After a 19-hour search for the woman, she was taken into custody and led Sowers to the baby boy she had left in a box by a convenience store.

Now that baby is 22-year-old Marine corporal Stewart Rembert,who came to show his gratitude in person. “Hello, sir,” Rembert said as he shook his hand. “Thank you.”

The emotional surprise caught Sowers off guard and he says he had to pause to keep his composure, adding, “This case was something I remembered throughout my career.”

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