Is Friendly Jake Owen Shocked By His Own RBF?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Jake Owen recently shared with CMT’s Cody Alan that dad life has undoubtedly come with some surprising new self-discoveries. One of which, he is dumbfounded over.

Jake’s daughters, Pearl and Paris, share a lot of their dad’s attributes and as a father, Jake is enjoying every moment. “Paris is wonderful. She’s three months old,” Jake glowed. “Pearl is doing great! She will be 7 this year and is about to go in 1st grade. The best 'rock star part' of my life is being a dad to these two little girls.”

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However, "rock star" Jake may feel as a dad of two, the new arrival of Paris has Jake has been noticing a few offhand comments about his striking facial expressions, and even he is surprised.

“[Paris] has this serious look on her face that everybody says she gets from me. I always thought I was a pretty easy going, funny, kind of guy,” laughs Jake. “But, I am learning that people say I have a serious face.”

Will Jake’s serious face become and asset when his girls reach high school? See Jake’s stern look on Cody Alan’s IGTV episode below and also catch photos of Paris and Pearl rocking her new roles as sisters. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images.