Hotel workers share secrets that are horrifying

While plenty of people love to stay at hotels, thanks to the comfy beds and top notch amenities, what we don’t know about what goes on behind-the-scenes may keep us from ever enjoying the hotel experience again. 

Buzzfeed recently asked hotel workers to share some secrets guest would be shocked to find out goes on at such establishments and to say you’ll feel grossed out is a huge understatement.

Horrifying and shocking things that go on at hotels include:

  • "If someone dies in a room, we get rid of the body and then get the room booked again ASAP."
  • "The dirtiest part of a hotel is something no one thinks about: THE ROOM KEYS."
  • "Housekeeping never cleans inside drawers and nightstands."
  • "If someone pukes, pees, or poops in a bed at our hotel, the mattress isn’t replaced. The housekeepers will just spot-clean the area and then one of the maintenance guys flips the mattress."
  • "The laundry room that's used for folding bedsheets is a GREAT place for quickies with guests."
  • "I personally knew a housekeeper who used the same cleaning rag to clean both the toilets and everywhere else in the rooms!"
  • "'Beware this guest' lists are real things."
  • "TV remotes never get cleaned!"
  • "We're instructed not to delete 'accidental' charges unless guests call and inquire."
  • "We NEVER wash the comforters."
  • "Never look at a hotel room with a black light. Just don't." 


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