They rescued the puppy and then he rescued them

A rescue puppy in Ireland is proving he really is man’s best friend by helping his owner get rescued after a fall. Pat Brennan was out for a nighttime walk with his 9 month old dog, Jack, when he stumbled and fell into a steep ditch. The 62-year-old man knew he wouldn’t be able to get out on his own, so he called emergency services from his cell, but it was dark and he was afraid they wouldn’t find him down there out of view.

Brennan was also worried Jack might not stick around, since he’s just a puppy. But Jack showed his loyalty and stayed as close to his owner’s side as he could, waiting on the road until the ambulance arrived and because the dog was right there, they were able to find Brennan easily. "The police]would have driven past but for Jack sitting there. When the ambulance came, Jack would not move for anybody until he saw Pat was in the ambulance,” Brennan’s wife, Melanie, told the Times. “He’s a bit of a character is our Jack.”

Authorities later acknowledged they wouldn’t have been able to find the man so quickly in the ditch if they hadn’t seen his faithful pup sitting there. Jack was rescued six months ago and Brennan’s wife, Melanie, says, “Now he’s repaid the favor by doing a bit of rescuing himself.”



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