Traffic Flagger Spreading Joy

Say hello to Marcus Mitchiner. The traffic control flagger in Paradise, Californian greets everyone big warm smile, a wave or he may bust out a dance move. 

“All the folks that smile and wave, I try to remember everybody's face,” said Marcus. “I dance, do little Fortnite dances for the kids.” In addition to impacting the community – which is rebuilding from the devastating wildfires – he’s managed to become an Internet sensation, courtesy of Wendy Gomes

The Camp Fire survivor said, “Without fail we know we're going to see Marcus and he's going to put a smile on everybody's faces. It makes a huge difference.” That’s why she posted a photo him on Facebook. He quickly racked up thousands of likes and shares. Marcus says loves “bringing joy and happiness to the folks in Paradise.”

Marcus says he wants to do his part to spread joy to his neighbors many of whom are in a lot of pain after losing everything to the fire. "If you can help someone smile why wouldn't you"?

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