Stranger pays off Richland H.S. Students debt so she can graduate

Karen Moore graduated from Lower Richland H.S. in 1985. She tells WLTX that she was recently inspired by the billionaire who paid off the debt of the entire graduating class of Morehouse college.

"I called [Lower Richland High School] two days ago and I wanted to find out whether there were any students who were about to graduate who may not be able to graduate because they owe the school debt," she said. "I spoke with the Principal, and she told me all the students' debts were taken care of, but there was one young lady who owed debt to Jostens."

Jostens is the company that sells the cap and gowns and class rings. And just 15 minutes before the phone call from Moore, Principal Dr Ericka Hursey had been explaining to a young lady that unless she paid off the $300 debt to Jostens then she wouldn't be able to participate in the graduation ceremony. While initially shocked Dr Hursey isn't completely surprised by the coincidence. "Because I believe in a higher power".

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