Reverend's Sight Returns After 14 Years

It’s been about 14 years since Reverend Philip Dunn lost his eyesight to macular degeneration. The progressive disease left him blind, but he always believed he would be able to see again one day.

Then in August 2018, Dunn began having severe headaches and doctors found one of his cataracts had ruptured and he needed surgery to remove it. Dunn says when he was at home recovering afterwards, he took off his eye patch and could see again! Doctors couldn't explain why the macular degeneration had disappeared. Two weeks later, he had a second surgery to remove the cataract in his other eye. Afterwards, his vision was restored in that eye, too!

With Dunn’s eyesight back, he was able to see his son-in-law and grandchildren for the first time ever. He’s also gotten his driver’s license back and took a trip to California that he dreamed of for a long time. “The doctors did what they could,” says Dunn’s daughter,Sarah. “God did what they couldn’t.”



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