Worlds smallest baby is going home.

The smallest-ever surviving baby has been released from a California hospital. Little Baby Saybie- a nickname given to her by hospital staff - was born three months early in December 2018 weighing only 8.6-ounces. That’s just over half a pound! She was so tiny, she could fit in the palm of a hand.

The micro preemie is both the world’s smallest baby and smallest surviving baby, according to the official tiniest Baby Registry, maintained by the University of Iowa. Saybie was born at 28 weeks, after doctors realized she wasn’t gaining weight and her mother (who hasn’t been identified) had complications that put her life at risk, so they did an emergency c-section.

Despite all of her health issues she was lucky to be at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns. The San Diego facility is known as one of the best in the world for caring for micro preemies. After her five-month stay in the NICU the five-month-old girl is healthy enough to go home. The hospital issued a statement: "This team was incredibly proud to care for Saybie, and happy to wish her well when she graduated from the NICU and went home in May 2019.”



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