Cop gets woman new car after seeing her walk 6 miles to work.

Anita Singleton has been working at a Louisiana Walmart for three years and about once a week, she walks the six miles to the store. The 52-year-old loves her job at Walmart and when she can’t find a ride, she makes the long walk.

During one of those early morning six-mile strolls, Slidell Police Officer Bradley Peck saw Singleton and pulled over to ask where she was heading and offered her a ride when she revealed how far she had to walk. Officer Peck posts on the Slidell Facebook Page "We talked the whole way about life lessons, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and joked about other things. I learned that she is 52 years old and had as much energy as my two year old. "I thank God everyday when I put my key in the door" she told me. "So I have to keep going to work no matter what" She was ready to walk 6 miles down some pretty busy Slidell roads to make it to work for 0700 (her walk started at 0430) That spoke volumes to me. She told me when she can't get a ride she has to do what she has to do. We shook hands and she went into work".

Local Chevrolet dealership owner Matt Bowers heard about Singleton’s story and was inspired to help.

I made the decision that it was the right thing to do on behalf of the community to give Anita Singleton a car – and car insurance and pay for the tax and registration so she can spend more time with her friends and family instead of spending it walking to work each day.”

Now she’s the proud owner of a white Chevy Captiva and Bowers also took care of taxes, insurance, and registration fees, which he says he’ll cover as long as she owns the car.

Officer Peck says “If we can all just model our work ethic after Ms. Anita, I think our employers and bosses would be happy. More importantly I know God will be happy and He'll take care of us just like He did with Ms Anita".



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