Boy buys Corrective Glasses For Colorblind friend

A considerate kid in Colorado wanted to do something special for his colorblind classmate, so he saved up his own money to buy him some special corrective glasses.Tyler Muhr,11, was totally surprised by the glasses his buddy, Thane, gave him and he wasn’t sure to expect before he put them on.

Tyler’s mom,Julie, works at the school, so she was able to witness her son trying on the corrective glasses for the first time. When Tyler put them on, he just looked around and was totally silent. Julie admits she was a bit cynical that the specs wouldn’t work, but seeing them in action was awesome. She says her son isn’t speechless much, so when he was, “you could tell he was overwhelmed and absorbing everything in the room.”

After talking to Thane’s mom, Julie found out her son’s classmate just came home and asked his mom if he could do this for Tyler. She agreed, as long as he earned the entire $250 himself, so he did chores around the house until he saved enough. “I just think that Thane is an amazing kid for having done this,” Julie says. “I think for an 11-year old, it’s pretty amazing.”

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