Teen makes sure no one feels left out on Valentines Day

A considerate California teen wanted to make sure every girl at his school got something for Valentine’s Day, so he made a chocolate rose for each of them. DanielHerrera got the idea for the project way back in November and started working on the roses in early January, since it takes a long time to craft hundreds of Valentine’s by hand.

“I know it can be a difficult day. We’re teenagers; we have emotions, and we don’t know how to relate to anyone,” Daniel says. “So I wanted to make this – that way just in case anyone felt left out, they wouldn’t. Sometimes the inclusion is more important; even if it’s a small gesture, it’s something.”

Daniel, an eleventh grader at Pacheco High School in Los Banos, made the chocolate roses with a Hershey’s Kiss as the rosebud in the center, attached it to a stem and then wrapped tissue paper around it to form a rose. He got a little help from his mom, sister and aunt, but it took nearly a month to finish all the roses. And the roses were a hit at school - he says there were “big smiles” from the girls.

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