Woman returns thousands she found scattered on road.

Kimberly Steenburg had an envelope of cash that she was going to use to pay for a cruise to the Bahamas, but after buckling her niece into the car, she forgot about the money and it blew away, scattering all over the New York highway.

Fortunately, Terri Brubaker was driving on that same road when she saw the money flying in the air and stopped to investigate. She started grabbing all the bills and collected an amazing $6,600, but she didn’t keep it for a personal pay day. The honest woman turned it into the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in upstate Johnstown and some other good samaritans did the same, leading to almost all of the $8,000 being returned.

And if doing the right thing didn’t feel good enough, when Brubaker found out who the cash belonged to, she really felt happy about helping. It turns out that Steenburg - the woman who lost the money - lost her husband, brother-in-law and his wife in a horrible stretch-limo crash that killed 20 in New York last fall. The widow was planning to scatter her loved one’s ashes on the cruise, and now she’ll still be able to do that.

Steenburg is thrilled to get the money back after what could have been a huge loss. She says she can’t thank Brubaker enough and adds, “There’s not many honest people left in the world.”



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