Woman giving away her home in essay contest

The time has come for Alla Wagner to downsize from her 5,000 square-foot home in Alberta, Canada. She can’t get up and down the stairs anymore because of health issues, so she tried to sell her million dollar property, but after dropping the price and still not getting any buyers, she got creative. Wagner was inspired to start the contest after watching the movie, Spitfire Grill, where a restaurant owner holds an essay contest

Now Wagner is giving her house away in a contest on social media called Write a Letter, Win a House. All people have to do to enter is pay a $25 entry fee and then write about how owning the house could change their life. She says it doesn’t need to be a sob story, but it is a creative writing contest, so people can write a poem or an essay to explain why they’d like to win the three-bedroom home, which includes a piano room and wine cellar. In order for her to get her original asking price she would need 60,000 entries. 

The contest is running now and is set to run for at least three months and Wagner says for her, it’s all about the “why.” She says the winning letter “really has to touch on my heartstrings and not necessarily because of a sad story but because of the motivation.” She knows it won’t be easy to leave the home she loves, but she hopes to find someone who will love being there as much as she does.



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