Airline Will Honor $16,000 Fares Sold For Just $675!

When Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific airline mistakenly sold some first and business-class seats for a fraction of the usual price, some passengers got lucky and bought the tickets. Seats on August flights from Vietnam to New York were accidentally sold for about $675, with prices on the same route in July and September selling for $16,000.

Cathay boasts of having the most comfortable beds in the air for their first class passengers. You're actually in a private suite for your trip! 

The airline admits it “made a mistake,” but it will honor the tickets for those fortunate enough to buy one. Mac Jaehnert snagged a first class ticket from Boston to Hong Kong and on to Hanoi in business class for a grand total of $1,220. He says, “I did the math and what I paid is about a 95% discount.”



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