Elderly mom meets daughter she thought had died at birth

After trying to find her birth mother and having no luck, Connie Moultroup was given a DNA testing kit from her daughter last Christmas. That Ancestry.com kit led to the 69-year-old woman to a cousin and finally to her mother, Genevieve Purinton.

Purinton, 88, had Connie when she was just 18 and as an unwed mother, the Indiana hospital where she gave birth told her a life-altering lie: that her baby died during birth. Purinton never had any other children and thought she was alone after the death of her siblings, so she was very surprised to learn her daughter was alive and well. And now 69 years later, the two women have finally had the chance to meet. They look exactly alike and are thrilled to have this second chance to get to know each other.

“It is a Christmas miracle,” Moultroup says of finding and meeting her mom. “I don’t think Santa can outdo this one.”



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