Strangers Help Veteran Rebuild Restuarant After Fire

Last July, as Jason Lorraine was towing his barbecue trailer on his truck to a food truck rally, he realized smoke was coming from it. The U.S. Army veteran’s business was up in flames by the time he pulled over and while the fire was put out, Jason and his wife, Julie, Squatchy’s BBQ was now nothing more than a bunch of twisted metal and nothing could be salvaged.

But this family business wasn’t down for the count just yet. As word spread of the fire, a friend set up a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money to offset the shortfall between the insurance covering the trailer and the actual value of all the equipment they lost, which wasn’t covered. And generous donations started pouring in, from fellow veterans, fellow BBQers, and kind-hearted folks across the country who wanted to help.

The Lorraine’s received over $28,000 in donations, enough for them to reopen for business. “It’s very touching,” Jason says, adding “how grateful we are for the support.”



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