Donut Shop Owner Given a Chance to be with Sick Wife By Generous Customers

John and Stella Chan, the owners of Donut City in Seal Beach, California, have served their faithful customers sweet treats for over 28 years. In fact, they barely take days off. But once the patrons found out that Stella was very ill and missing work, the community stepped in to make sure John could be with her. 

Apparently Stella recently suffered a brain aneurysm and has been recovering at a nursing center. John still runs the donut shop, but it’s been tough managing the day-to-day with very little help. When one of the regulars got wind of the situation, he asked people to buy more pastries so John could make his daily profits earlier. 

And it’s been working, Donut City opens at 4:30am and some days John can leave by 10am. The locals also tried to start a GoFundMe, but the restaurant owner turned it down, At this point, he’s just grateful he can spend the extra time with Stella.



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