First time gardner grows 3000 lbs of veggies for Salvation Army

Donna Stumphf of North Dakota decided to do something about it. Over the course of six to eight weeks, the 67-year-old woman donated more than one and a half tons of vegetables to people in need after growing the produce in 4,400-square-foot plot in a community garden.

“I decided to do something about the hunger problem,” Stumphf said. “I had kids in mind, mainly, and parents who can’t afford to buy fresh vegetables.”

Donna says she started with a goal of growing 1,000 pounds of veggies but she was afraid she’d only get 500, so when she tallied up the total weight of her donations and realized it was 3,099 pounds, she was in shock. She grew the vegetables herself and got some help from volunteers and her grandson when it came time to harvest.

She donated a lot of her crops to the Salvation Army, which receives donations from local stores, but they’re usually at the end of their shelf life and need to be eaten quickly. So they were delighted to get locally grown stuff from Donna. Lt. Matthew Beatty of the local Salvation Army says, “Any time you get something homegrown and fresh from the garden, it’s amazing.”


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