Teen returns lost wallet that was stuffed with cash

Sheila Spencer from Birmingham Alabama took to Facebook and explained how she left her wallet and cell phone at a Birmingham Piggly Wiggly. When she called the store, the manager said an employee named Antoine Starr turned in her itemsApparently the wallet was also filled with $300 in cash, which was all safely returned along with her phone. 

Sheila gifted Anthony with $100 bucks as a reward and asked if she could share his act of kindness on social media. The story went viral pretty quickly. Anthony told the local news that a lady came through his line a couple hours ago and said she saw him on Facebook. 

The Central Park Christian student said, “If you sow a good seed, you'll receive a good seed. It's not always what you do when people are watching you,” he says. “But character is all about what happens when nobody's watching but you and God.”



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