6 year old girl climbs the highest mountain in U.S.

When six-year-old Eva Luna Harper-Zahn gets asked what she did over the summer, she’ll have the coolest response. This little girl and her family trekked up 14,505 feet of Mount Whitney, the highest summit in the lower 48 states. And did we mention she’s only six?

Thousands have climbed the 22 miles to the top, but the girl from Berkeley, California is one of a handful who are younger than 10, according to reports. Her parents love incorporating adventure into Eva Luna and her three siblings lives, so when her dad, Oliver, wanted to take on Mount Whitney, she was ready to be one of the youngest to do it. They did extensive preparation and despite some altitude sickness, they made it.

“She doesn’t like being told that she cannot do something — even if she learns that she is part of a demographic that hasn’t done something before,” Eva Luna’s mom Amie says. “It has been her personality ever since we can remember, when she was an infant and made it clear that she was quite incorrigible!”



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