Woman loses weight to save dads life.

People are motivated to lose weight for all kinds of reasons, but for Dawn Muhammad of Atlanta it was all about helping her dad. The NY Post reports that she hired a trainer and spent 16 months working to drop 70 pounds so she could become a kidney donor for her father.

Dawn’s dad, Lucious Daniels, has stage-four kidney failure and endures dialysis twice a week. She found out her blood type made her a potential match for her father, but her body mass index was too high for her to be considered. So she got to work and lost the weight and she recently shared the real reason for her transformation with her family.

On July 2nd Dawn got the call she had been waiting for, telling her that she was a perfect match with her father. Now the daughter and dad are scheduled for surgery August 31st. She says, “I’m very happy to be able to help my father have normalcy in his life.”



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