98 year old man walks 6 miles a day to see wife in hospital

Sometimes nothing will stand in the way of love and that’s true for 98-year-old Luther Younger of Rochester, New York. The elderly man has been walking around six miles a day for the last two weeks to see his wife in the hospital.

“I ain’t nothing without my wife,” Luther confesses. “It’s been a rough pull. It’s been tough.”

Luther, a Korean War veteran, has been married to his wife, Waverlee, for 50 years and she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009. Their daughters, Lutheta and Joyce take care of their aging parents and Lutheta says her dad doesn’t have to walk to the hospital, but he wants to. “I can drive him, “ she explains. “He just doesn’t want to wait; he’s impatient.”

GoFundMe page has been created of the couple, to raise money for medical expenses and rides to and from the hospital. So far it’s raised over $33,000.

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