Boys Start "Line of Awesomness"

10-year-old Travis Blackwell caught a foul ball Tuesday night at Detroit Tigers game. The reason we're talking about it is because even though that is a huge deal in a young mans life he decided to give the ball to another kid sitting near them. He wanted to do that because he heard that it was his 7th birthday. 

"A couple of years ago I was at a minor league game and a man we didn't know caught a foul ball and then just gave it to me. That made my day! I thought I could do the same for this kid". 

The kid he gave the ball to was Michael Ogden. But Michael's birthday was about to get even better. A few innings later he caught a foul ball himself. So he decided to give that to a 6 year old girl sitting near them. She said she had never owned a baseball before so this made her day too! 

The boys tell CBS News that this is the "line of awesomeness".  It be great if the rest of us could keep that line going.  

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