Good News update!

We recently told you about Phil, the homeless man who was hired at a Florida McDonald’s after a kind officer with the Tallahassee Police Department gave him a hand. Officer Carlson was spotted shaving Phil’s face so he could land a job at the fast food restaurant and the story went viral. And when Phil needed an ID for his new gig, his buddy Officer Carlson made headlines again for helping him secure proper identification.

Well, now we’re happy to follow up and let you know Phil is “doing great” at his new job. The Tallahassee Police Dept has posted several updates to his story on Facebook, sharing that Goodwill donated some dress clothes for Phil to wear when he went with Officer Carlson to the Florida State Capitol to fill out his paperwork, and that he has successfully started his new job.

The owner of the McDonald’s where Phil was hired says if he stays with the company for at least 90 days and works 15 hours a week, he’ll qualify for their Archways to Opportunity program, which can help him earn a high school diploma, college tuition and even a career. TPD says a generous former officer donated some restaurant gift cards to Phil and that he’s “enjoying his new job.”



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