Little girl makes breakfast for fireman who saved her home

The largest wildfire burning in California continues to grow. The Carr Fire, which is burning near the Northern California city of Redding has scorched over 103-thousand acres since starting one week ago. At last check, it's the 7th most destructive fire in California history with over 950 homes lost so far. 

Gracie Lutz is doing her part to show appreciation for the firefightersThe little girl’s brothers, Kody and Colton, as well as her father, are among those dedicated firefighters working 24-hour shifts to get the blaze under control.

So when her big brother Kody finished a recent shift, he said he was “dying” for a burrito and that gave Gracie an idea. She asked her mom Chelsea if they could make burritos for all of the men working with her dad and brothers. So they made dozens of breakfast burritos for the hard workers getting off the night shift.

Chelsea shared a video of Gracie handing out the burritos while wearing her little firefighter boots. It was a great morale boost for the tired firefighters and Gracie seems to enjoy it too. Next week, the mom and daughter are planning to serve up spaghetti dinners to the CalFire crew. Chelsea explains, “We just wanted to show our support for them.”



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