Good news story: Couple adopts blind children

The Bartlings of Oakton, Virginia, are one big happy family. Joe, 60, calls them “just a normal, run-of-the-mill family,” but each of their six kids are blind and have special needs and were adopted with love to be part of their family.

Joe and his wife Karen are parents to Hannah, 23, David, 18, Bethany, 18, Jesse, 17, Abi, 17, and Obed, 12. And although none of the bunch can see, they’re all expected to pitch in around the home. Dad says they make their own beds and do chores, with the exception of Jesse and Obed, who require round-the-clock care.

Their journey to such a big brood started 30 years ago when they struggled to conceive after having their biological son. The Bartlings first adopted Hannah from South Korea and over time, their family has grown to include all six. “It’s challenging but rewarding,” Joe says.



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