Columbia SC saves a young mans life.

Columbia South Carolina's own Spc. Malcolm Montgomery was stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas told his superiors that he felt sick. They then sent someone to check on him and found him unconcious. Malcom had been fighting for his country but now he was going to have to fight for his life. He tells USA Today that things got worse before they got better.   "I almost died in Texas from a bad morphine shot. I received the shot too fast and my heart rate had dropped lower than a 42. I was so sick that anybody who ever was around me had to wear a mask and gloves and for 32 days in El Paso."

Then Doctors had an idea. Send him to Columbia. "That's when everything began to turn around". Being surrounded by his friends and family did wonders for him. It also opened his eyes that the Army was now his family as well. "The military showed me how much they really care for me, and I was speechless, and it was amazing, just for genuine women and men of the service to help another person... it's family.

This week Malcom got to ring the chemo bell signaling the end of his treatments. He is very excited to return his military family now. 

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