Firefighter does good deed for 90 year old man

After responding to a call to help a 90-year-old man who collapsed while working in his yard, a Plano, Texas firefighter decided to finish the yard work for him. While other firefighters cared for the elderly man inside his home, Rance Pringle tackled the rest of the work in the yard.

The department shared the story on social media (see below the video) giving Pringle credit for his good deed. And the day this happened, it was the hottest day of 2018 so far in North Texas, with temperature soaring to 100-degrees, but Pringle says it only took him about five minutes to complete the yard work.

Just help someone. If you see someone in need or if they need help if they’re having a bad day, just try to be a bright spot on someone’s day. It doesn’t take much effort. It’s pretty easy. I think just the effort alone… makes all the difference in the world.

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