Husband takes makeup lessons to help wife who is going blind.

Des and Mona Manahan have been married for 56 years. Both in their early 80's they're thankful for their health. However Mona has recently been told that she is going blind due to an eye disease. Des saw how frustrated she was becoming when he took her to a department store and she asked the makeup artist if she could teach her how to do the makeup without looking. Des asked if the artist could teach him instead.  

Mario Dedivanovic, a celebrity makeup artist whose clients include Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera heard the story and flew the couple from their home in Ireland to London where he was giving lessons. 

Des points out that style of makeup he is trying to do for his wife is far different than what most of the clients Mario works with are trying to achieve.  “We’re not trying to look like 30-year-olds or 40-year-olds or 50-year-olds. We both love each other as we are at 83 and 82, which I think is enough.” 

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