Pitcher consoles friend he struck out to win game

Pitcher Ty Koehn grew up playing Little League with Jack Kocon. But when they got to High School they were in different schools. But they are both great players who helped lead their teams deep into the playoffs. Then the inevitible happened. The ride had to end for one of them. They played against each other in the Minnesota 4A playoff game, where the winner would advance to the state championship game! And it came down to Ty pitching against his buddy Jack for the final out! The score is 6-5 with 2 outs and a full count. Ty stuck out his buddy . And when his fellow players ran onto the field to celebrate their win, he went in the opposite direction.

Ty said our friendship is way more important to me than a baseball game, and I knew my friend was in pain. 

And for Jack he said. “I was just thinking in 20 years I’m not gonna remember the score of that game. But I’m always gonna remember him coming up to me after that and just kind of being there for me when I needed someone.”



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