Man changes his life and is now changing others

Charlie Jabaley, a Grammy winner and former manager for rapper 2 Chainz, who left the music biz after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He focused on saving his life by changing his life. He did it and is now on a mission to change other people's lives! He calls it the Dream Machine Toura project for giving back.

Jabaley and a friend are riding bikes across the U.S., stopping to do good deeds for those who are struggling and need a little help. His latest stop was in Houston where someone told him the story of a homeless teen.

Sionna Brenn is a high school honors student who came to the U.S. from Ethiopia when she was nine and was placed in a foster family after her parents died. Authorities removed her from the foster home when they discovered they abused her. She found a distant cousin in Houston and moved there. That cousin recently lost their home and so she and the cousin have been living in a shelter while she finishes high school. Sionna worked hard in school and has earned a scholarship to the University of Texas at San Antonio.

She also works at Starbucks, and that's where she was when she was shocked by a total stranger who presented her with a brand new Toyota Corolla, decorated with a big red bow and everything. 

 "I think I'm in a dream right now," Brenn says about being surprised at work with a brand new car. “It’s more than a dream. It’s crazy.” Sienna also wrote her dream on the side of Jabaley's bus: "Reach the world with the gospel of Christ."

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