Boy helps elderly woman and it melts our hearts.

Riley Duncan says he wasn’t sure what the story was when he pulled out his camera to catch a young boy’s act of kindness, but we’re glad he did because it’s a story that’ll make you smile. Duncan saw a young boy stop traffic, hop out of his car, and help an elderly woman with a walker up a flight of stairs in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Duncan later found out the kid is eight-year-old Maurice Adams Jr. and as he was leaving high school graduation with his mom and sister, they spotted the woman crossing a busy road alone. Maurice’s mom, Contricia Hill, says her son asked if he could get out to help the stranger up the steps and she agreed.

So Maurice was captured doing a good deed as he took her arm and slowly helped her up each step. At the top she hugged him and the two went on with their days. Hill says she didn’t know anyone was filming, but her son’s kindness makes her proud, adding, “It just shows respect and raising your kids right goes a long way.”

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