Family doesn't like heirloom discovers it worth a fortune

A family in France found something everyone who cleans out their attic hopes for deep down - a priceless piece of artwork that had been forgotten for decades. The family opened an old shoebox and discovered an intricately decorated porcelain vase, which they took to Sotheby’s Paris to be appraised and the auction house told them it was from the Qing [[Ching]] dynasty and could be worth more than $600-thousand.

The ancient Chinese vase was left to the grandparents of the present owners by an uncle and will be sold at auction in June. “The vase is of exceptional rarity: the only known example of its kind," Sotheby's said.

It may be extremely rare and expensive, but the owners didn’t really care for the piece. “We didn’t like the vase too much and my grandparents didn’t like it either,” one of the unnamed owners explains.

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