Baby born weighing 1 lb finally gets to come home

A family in Grand Rapids, Michigan is finally getting to enjoy life with their new baby at home. Rebecca and Don Markle have been praying for a baby. They have suffered a lot of pain trying to have one. Last Summer they got the news that they were pregnant. Don says  "I think we were both terrified. We had two previous loses at 17 weeks and 20 weeks, so we've been through the losing the baby but we've never been through the having a baby," 

The Markle's became proud parents to baby Noah back in January, but the infant was born weighing just one-pound and spent the first 132 days of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit.

And after all that time, baby Noah was finally able to come home Friday morning. It’s been a long time coming for his parents, who were both terrified their premature son wouldn’t survive to reach this milestone. 

Baby Noah isn’t out of the woods yet, but his family says the support of the community and their family are helping them through. Proud daddy Don says, “The prayers and support have been overwhelming.”

Source: Fox 17

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