Homeless man gave up dog to save both of them. Here's their reunion

Bronx, a 4-year-old Staffordshire terrier mix, was overjoyed to be reunited with his owner, Adam Gibson. Gibson had rescued Bronx from a shelter in Atlanta where Bronx was hours away from being put down. He had been rescued as a puppy from a dog fighting ring. "I told them when I rescued him from the shelter in Atlanta that I would take care of him and that I wouldn't leave him and that nobody would ever hurt him again. I made a commitment to him and myself that I was going to take care of him."

But Gibson was struggling even then to take care of himself. He moved to Charleston where some friends said he could live with them. They were unaware that he had just taken possession of Bronx though. And that quickly became a problem. He eventually moved out on to the street so he could stay with Bronx. 

When the winter got too cold he had to move into a homeless shelter but again was told the dog couldn't stay with him. He met with folks from Charleston Animal Society who promised to take real good care of Bronx till he got on his feet. After 6 months of counceling Adam now has a job, an apartment and his dog back. He also got a fiance! 

Here's Adam seeing Bronx for the first time and then introducing him to his fiance Michelle 

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