Woman delivers her own baby with help of Youtube and Google

22-year-old Tia Freeman from Nashville delivered her son alone in a Turkish hotel room on March 7th. The baby wasn't due for a few more weeks. Tia thought she could make it to Germany for a long planned vacation with her girlfriends and be back before baby Xavier would arrive. She was wrong. 

On a 17 hour layover in Turkey she started feeling what she thought might be food poisoning. But just after checking into her hotel she decided to Google "signs of labor". She realized that she was in fact now in labor in a foreign country where no one spoke English. So she then Googled "How to deliver a baby".    

By the time she filled the tub halfway with water and laid down, Xavier was on his way. She said she pushed just five or six times and Xavier floated to the top of the water. Time for another Google. This time "how to cut an umbilical cord”. She didn't have any of the tools that Wiki How discussed but found a Youtube video on cutting the cord with shoelaces. 

She then breastfed Xavier and layed him on the bed while she cleaned the bathroom which she described as "looking the set of a horror movie". Exhausted she went to sleep with him. 

The next morning she took Xavier to the U.S. Embassy where they suggested giving Xavier a Turkish middle name so she chose Ata which means gift.  After all of that they took her to a hospital where they checked out both mom and baby and found them to be in perfect health. 

Turkish Airlines was told that one of their passengers would have to miss their flight because the baby can't fly for 2 weeks. So they paid for the hotel.  

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