Curious neighbor thwarts kidnapping

An attempted kidnapping in a small town near Minneapolis was stopped thanks to a neighbor’s curiosity. Video footage shows a woman outside a Domino’s Pizza when a man walks up, grabs her, and forces her across the street to his van. Neighbor Cindy Vadnais heard screaming and thought it was kids playing, but went to investigate to be sure.

She drove half a block and the woman ran out in front of Cindy’s car screaming, “He’s trying to get me into the van! He’s trying to kidnap me!” Cindy tried to keep the guy from leaving, but he was able to drive off, but not before she got his name off the sign on his van. Michael Harker was on parole from Idaho for felony strangulation when he attempted to kidnap a woman who has requested her name not used in the press. Harker pleaded guilty to the attempted kidnapping, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. 

Cindy and the victim have now become friends. Cindy doesn't think she is a hero though. "I didn’t even have time to be scared … I was more mad. No, I’m not a hero. Anyone would do the same thing. I would do it again.

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