Woman helps her brother run marathon & becomes big winner

Sarah Sellers is a nurse in Tucson AZ. She used to run track in college at Weber State and still enjoys running. However she doesn't run competitively as she works 10 hour shifts at Banner Health Center. She's never had an agent, a sponsor or even a coach since graduating 5 years ago. That may all change today. 

Yesterday Sarah came in 2nd place at the Boston Marathon! She won $75,000 which she says she and her husband will use to pay off student loans. She was as surprised as everyone else! She had no plans of attempting to qualify but her 24 year old brother Ryan Callister asked her to train with him. So she started getting up at 4a to run 6 days a week up to 100 miles a week. 

She qualified for the Boston Marathon with an impressive amateur time of 2 hours and 44 minutes at a marathon last September. But that didn't put her on anyone's radar. She repeated that time in the Boston Marathon. The difference was gale force winds and sub 40 degree temps which destroyed the other runners.    

Sarah said after the race;  "Looking at my time going into the race, I shouldn't be on the same page as any of the top 20 women… They're in a different league than me.". As everyone else faded she got stronger. She actually ran a faster second 13.1 miles than her first. The only runner to do that. Sarah says she has no plans to leave nursing. “It’s really a rewarding job and gives me perspective on life". She does intend to run another marathon this fall. and would like to qualify as an “A” standard for the 2020 Olympic marathon trials which would require a 7 minute improvement over her Boston Marathon finish. But she feels confident she can do it now. "If my brother hadn't asked I wouldn't of even tried for any of this! I'm so happy he asked me"! 

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