Man gets his dream car by "fate"

Eight years ago, Kyle Cropsey, of Lindenhurst NY, was 16 and fell in love with a blue 1971 Volkswagen bus that he saw in a parking lot.  "I scribbled a note, ‘this has to be my future ride, please call me,’ and I slipped it in right through the window and saw it fall to the floor and thought, ‘Oh my god, he’s not going to see it'”. 

The man who had bought the van new in 1971, Cornelius Mead did see it and put the note in his glove box. No one knows what he was thinking when he saved that note, because he never mentioned it to anyone. Cornelius recently passed away at his home in Oakland California. His son Chris was cleaning out the van when he discovered Kyle's note. So Chris Mead called the number and spoke with Kyle. Kyle is now a 23 year old school teacher in NY. After the family heard how Kyle loved the van like their dad had they decided to give it to him on 2 conditions. He had to restore it to it's former glory as best he could. And he had to take it on lots of adventures like their dad had. They also requested he send some pics of his travels. Deal! “My friends will definitely be packed in here. We’ll have surf boards in here,” he said. “This will definitely be paid forward in one way or another. I think it was fate for me to have this van.

Kyle flew out to California and had his first adventure driving the van back over Spring Break.  "The engine runs pretty well and the radio still works"! 

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