Foster child saves family.

 Samuel Hatten, is a 17 year old foster child staying with Phillip French and his family in Tuscon AZ. Samuel's family was killed when he was 16 in a car accident. His mom's sister is the wife of Phillip which is why he lives with them now. Samuel was watching the French's daughters around noon Friday when a security camera in the home captured the fire starting as his six-month-old and 18-month-old sisters were napping. Fire Department officials are investigating but say it appears an electrical problem started the fire.

The family dogs first ran out of the room as soon as the fire started sparking and then the teen says he saw smoke and heard the fire alarm go off while he was outside checking the mail. So he threw a rock through the window to let smoke out and then ran in, grabbed the babies, climbed out the window while holding them and then got help. He then went back in and saved 2 of the 3 dogs. The 3rd dog was saved by the Fire Department. Samuel’s quick actions helped save the dogs and his sisters.

"I just wanted to get everybody out because I wanted us to still be a family and not have to lose anybody because I've lost a lot of people in my life," Samuel explains. Phillip is very thankful for Samuel and is hoping to get some financial help to replace Samuel's possessions which were all lost in the fire.  Here's his gofund me page

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