Airport holds trial run for kids with autism.

Long, transatlantic flights aren’t easy, even for seasoned travelers. But for people with autism, it can seem impossible. That’s why a special practice run at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport in Canada was so amazing for families with kids and teens who have autism.

For the sixth year, Montreal’s Giant Steps School for children and adults with autism organized the airport practice run, allowing them to go to the check-in counter, then through security and finally, to find their seats on the airplane to see what it’s really like.

Nick Katalifos and his family are planning a trip to Greece this summer and this practice helps his 16-year-old son, Manoli, prepare for the long flight. "It's really positive to have a run-through like this where they get to experience it so that when they actually do travel, they've already had the experience and they know what to expect at the airport," he explains. "It really helps to bring down the anxiety levels."

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