Former addict gives away gym memberships to help addicts get sober.

Krissy Mae Cagney battled addiction for 10 years and now she’s running a gym in Nevada to help other recovering addicts stay sober using fitness. She opened Black Iron Gym in Sparks three years ago after CrossFit, weight lifting and other forms of exercise helped her stay sober.

Now a successful GoFundMe campaign called “Reps 4 Recovery” is allowing the gym to offer close to 100 members, who’ve been sober between 24 hours and five years, a free membership to encourage them to stay sober in a supportive community.

“The coolest thing is that I get to watch their sobriety being completely threatened, to them being so excited to be sober and not wanting to drink or use ever again,” Cagney explains. "It’s the most rewarding and fulfilling feeling in the world."

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