Gas station employees return dropped million dollar lottery ticket

UPI reports that a Kansas Lottery player is even luckier because gas station employees tracked him down to return a Mega Millions ticket he dropped that was worth a million bucks. The anonymous winner told lottery officials that his brother dropped the ticket when he went in to the store to check them and had no idea it was missing.

The employees at Mity Mart at 1903 East Highway 18 in Lincoln, Kansas found the ticket, scanned it and found out it was a $1-million winner, so the clerks used their security cameras to figure out who had dropped it. Once they knew who it was they showed the video to everyone in the store. The winning man and his brother happened to drive back by the gas station as the owner’s son was leaving. He recognized them and pulled out behind him and flagged them down.

“He explained what happened and handed me the ticket, and I just couldn’t believe it,” the winner says. He told Kansas Lottery officials that the store employees’ actions restored his faith in humanity.

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