Man giving away engagement ring to couple who can't afford one.

23 year old Steven Crocker’s girlfriend ended their two-year relationship a month before he planned to propose to her during a Harry Potter-themed trip to Universal Studios. He was left with a broken heart — and a $1,700 ring he spent almost a year paying off.

 He says no amount of money would make him feel better, so he's decided to donate the diamond ring to a couple who can't afford a ring of their own. At first he tried to sell it but  he only received very low-ball offers. “That’s when I realized it wasn’t about the money for me, and that no amount of money coming back would make me feel better. I thought that if I could pass it along to somebody who would appreciate it, that that might help me move on and feel better.”

Here's his Facebook post with all the details and below that a video of him with the ring. 

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