Entrepreneur Opened Ice Cream Shop To Hire Special Needs Workers

Tom Landis opened Howdy Homemade Ice Cream in University Park, Texas with one goal in mind: to provide jobs to people with special needs. But it’s not a handout, his employees are trained in everything from food prep to customer service and all they love working there.

In two and a half years, Howdy Handmade has had no employee turnover and consistently receives top ratings from customer reviews of their service. And that’s part of the Howdy Handmade philosophy: “People first. Then, food.”

“Every restaurant wants culinary consistency, whether it’s low end or high end. No one better for that than those on the Autism spectrum,” Landis explains. “It’s time we broaden our base and look not at where the disabilities are, but the abilities.” Tom states on their site: Every aspect of Howdy Homemade encompasses the special needs of the huge under-employed segment of our population with one goal: To change the way businesses hire people with special needs. Today in North Texas alone, there are over 240,000 Special Needs Adults looking for work! 

When somebody is put into a loving environment where they are socially accepted, they will flourish and grow, and that benefits everyone. It might take longer to train somebody with a disability, but the payback is incredible. My employees are friendly and loyal and we have a zero turnover rate. When they’re given a chance, everybody wins.”

Howdy's is now beginning to franchise their business model. The first franchise opened in Salt Lake City Utah. If you want more info on franchises click here  

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